standbymay asked: You combine two of my three favorite things in life, and I think that's beautiful

So, you’re my new favorite blog ever. 

lycanandproud asked: I've just put mascara on and now you made me cry with laughter D:

Sorry to make you cry but glad to make you laugh!

anawithanh asked: holy CRAP, did that Eric Staal moment actually happen? If so, when?

No, sadly, it did not. We do not document real moments, only fake ones. That is our mission.

We would like to formally apologize for our lack of facial hair continuity. We will endeavor in the future to make sure that our jokes are more consistent when it comes to beards.

much love,

puck--slut asked: I seriously want to kick you in the throat for making that peter chiarelli photoset about tyler. Because it's possible to grow an entire fucking goatee in the matter of a few hours.

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